Saturday, 27 August 2011

An insight into traditional Irish clothing

It is said that traditional Irish clothing were made of wool and of dark color because sheep in Ireland have dark color. Generally speaking Irish clothing items were inspired from the culture of England. The clothes of Ireland consist of some bright yellow, green, red and orange colors. The clothes worn in 50th century included cloaks and tunics. People who belonged to high societies used to wear pants with jackets that were know as trius and inar. Both men and women used to wear accessories with traditional Irish clothing. Some of the accessories consisted of shoes, knives, belts and brooches. It was the time when people made clothes from silk, wool and linen.
Traditional Irish clothing for men included skirts that were of yellow color and dyed from saffron. Trousers made of wool were also worn by early Irish men and in fifteenth century a law was passed by King Henry VIII in which he forbade the Celtic clothes. It was the time when Irish people started wearing the dresses of English. The women of Ireland used to wore turbans. There was a distinction between married single women that married women were supped to cover their heads. They also used to wear yellow colored skirts with cloaks and gowns.
The dresses that Irish people wore while dancing was the traditional Celtic dress. The dress had hand embroidery on it and a Tara brooch was worn on the shoulders that fell on the back. The dancing men wore jacket with a kilt and a cloak on the shoulder. The dancing men and women were supposed to wear hornpipe shoes. Hats are a popular accessory of Irish clothing. Tweed hats are even popular today and available in red, yellow, purple and orange colors. Theses hats are made of wool.